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The Roommate

I will never drink again.

A headache sledgehammers its way through my skull,

making me want to crawl into a ball and die.

A thundering clash of dishes comes from my kitchen

Sending shock waves through my walls

My roommate...

The noise increases the ringing in my head.

Driving me insane.

I get up

Ask her to stop

Yet in my head, I mean

“Shut the hell up!”

She stops.


but her mouth emits these sounds


Come at me a million miles a minute.

Bits and pieces fade in.

some drama with her boyfriend.

I zone out.

Tasting last night bad decisions

Creeping up the back of my throat

I never imagined having a roommate.

But rent is high.

And my account is low.

So I signed the lease

To day after day



And now,

A headboard knocking against my wall



My roommate…

Hangover or not

Still a fucking headache

Sincerely yours,

Just Another Millennial

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