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The Millennial Rundown

If you didn't catch the latest episode of Millennial Talk:

Did you know that there is an Australian bird called the lyrebird that can mimic almost any sound it hears including chainsaws, car alarms, and even a Koala Bear. The beginning of this week's episode of MT opened with Ciarra and Justin imitating very posh British accents. Though the geographical location of the dialect is questionable. The real question is what does a Koala Bear even sound like?

They introduced their three guests; Jade (a returning guest from Season 1) Delo, and Carson.The first topic covered was on the incident a couple weeks ago where a massive ICE raid in Mississippi occurred. 700 people were captured at a meat packing factory and held for deportation. A majority were parents, which left children devastated when they came home from school to find them missing. Justin shows horrible audio of a young girl pleading for her father come back to her. He asks for opinions. Delo says his dad and several people he knows are affected by these circumstances. The video is very sad and close to his heart. Jade interjects,"it is ridiculous" and says it angers her.

"These children shouldn't have to fend for themselves,"she states after the realization that dozens of children were put in makeshift shelters.

Ciarra is clearly outraged and her and the other MT guests go on a rant. She exclaims that our government needs to "have a heart," because they are destroying millions of families.

A great country accepts all people from different ethnicities. Although, it seems our government isn't as accepting as they claimed themselves to be. Ciarra continues to make comments on Trump and how much of a monster he is.

"He doesn't know what he is doing,"she says. A statement which everyone agrees on wholeheartedly.

Delo feels he clearly picks and chooses the policies to he wants to implement. According to Ciarra he doesn't know how to "sympathize" with these people is basically trying to "create another holocaust." The United States is suppose to be the land of "better opportunities" yet, with Trump in office she says it is being run more like a "business." Luckily, Justin says out of the 680 people that were taken, 300 of them were released since they were arrested for quote "no reason." Delo and Ciarra made a valid point when they stated the obvious. Over 11 million people in this country are immigrants, and you would have to go to each home in every state to try to deport them all. The country runs on their backs. They will work for almost nothing for way more hours than most Americans will. Thus, it's terrible how Trump is trying to push these hard working people out. When all they want is the so called "American dream." The MT team then discuss all the mass shootings that have happened recently. They agree that gun laws have to change and made stricter. There is no excuse and these mass shooting have to stop, or more innocent people will die in the hands of a teenager with a gun. The reality that MT states is that the majority of the world is going to be a minority in the year 2020. The most important thing is that your vote and voice matters.

"Write your own history don't let someone else write it for you,"Justin brilliantly evokes.

The second topic MT discussed was the passing of the late and great Toni Morrison. The Author of 'Beloved' passed away peacefully with her family by her side at the age of 88. She was the first black woman to receive the Nobel Prize in literature and was awarded in 1993. 'Beloved' is about the realities of being black. Though, it opened up avenues for other races to understand the black experience. Ciarra exclaims she loves being black. Justin agrees but makes a funny comment on how winters are rough due to the lack of moisture for his skin. 'Beloved' is a novel that “gives life to certain aspects of american reality.” The reality of being a black women. Ciarra talks about a documentary with Oprah, where women talk about the novel and hating their skin color. She speaks on her own struggles with self-love. Jade says Morrison was one of her favorite authors, and her death hit her hard.

"Toni Morrison wrote her heart on her pages of her books," she states.

She talks about her friend Jordan having a podcast called 'Woman of Color Making it Big.' Jade explains how it is very “niche” in regards to it's focus on making it big in the Theatre world. If you could never comprehend what women of color go through in the Theatre world, through her podcast you can relate to that struggle. Ciarra recalls her experience growing up in a diverse atmosphere in Jersey to moving to a majority black community in Georgia. She says as black people we shouldn’t compete against each other, but instead grow together. Nevertheless, she went through her own struggles of colorism within her own community. She still working on accepting herself as a beautiful black woman, but says she"may not be Beyonce, but she's okay with herself." Toni Morrison inspired her and many other little black girls to love the skin they were blessed with. I agree with Jade that we need to love ourselves and not let others opinions affect the way we look at ourselves. Yet, its easier said than done. Morrison was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama in 2012. In true MT fashion the team goes on a tangent on the history of black people in America and America as a whole. The history we are taught in school versus the reality of our nation's past. They continue their conversation on gun violence in schools and the increase in mass shootings. Ciara asks the question,

"What will it take for them to stop these things from happening?"

A question our government and President Trump have yet to answer.

The Millennial Talkers speak briefly on Epstein and his sex trafficking island. Carson informs them on the conspiracy theory and how Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and several other powerful men have been to his island. When they learned Epstein was allowed to work 6 days of the week while in prison. The hosts had one thing to say,

“Sounds about...white.”

As Justin and Ciarra came to close to this episode they caught up with all things Jade. She talks about starting a podcast called 'Jaded and Motivated.' It's an inspirational podcast, that tells various peoples' life stories. She had her friend Jordan and a CEO of a tech company on her first episode. She is giving people an outlet to tell their stories. She believes that when you read something about someone's experiences it makes you more of a whole person and adds character to your life. Thus, she wants to shine a light on different journeys and stories, and be a burst of inspiration. In addition, She is working on music and her first song should be released sometime in September. She is working on several different projects, including another one with 'Millennial Talk' called 'Caffeinated;' a 10 min interview series where they make delicious coffee. Jade has more stuff in the works. Her and Justin give us an exclusive on their upcoming Friends inspired web-series called 'Millennials.' It is a loosely based story about four friends made into 10 to 15 min episodes story-arc. The series follows them around and each episode represents a month in their lives. 'Millennials' focuses on the character's lives, friends, connections, and more. It's a comedy and a prequel to Millennial Talk, featuring several Millennial talk guests from Chris, K. Samone, Jade, to our delightfully hilarious host Justin.

Lastly, Justin shifts into his smooth “Delo voice," and introduces the man himself. Delo was born in Brooklyn and raised in North Atlanta. He owns his own brand called 'Enjoying Color.' Based solely on expressing your personality through clothing. He has been making clothes and music since 2015. Delo is also an actor and you might catch him as a guest on the web-series 'Millennials.' He has also been all over the world from Africa, France, to Canada. His musical inspirations are very diverse with the main one being Kurt Cobain. His rap style is signified with mixes of alternative, indie, and rock music influences. The MT team talk about how as black people they expect them not to like that type of music. Though, it's their stories and the soul behind their music that matters. In an act of fun, they end the show with a rap a freestyle lead by Delo.

Don’t forget to check out 'Jaded and Motivated' exclusively on

and "to love yourself and each other"

THOSE DAMN MILLENNALS..see you next time.

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