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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

If you didn't catch the latest episode of Millennial Talk:

If you were like me growing up Flaming Hot Cheetos were the plug. I'm sure for some they still are. At the beginning of this weeks episode of MT, we learn that this delicious snack was made on a mere accident. Apparently, they were created when Richard Montanez; a Mexican immigrant and janitor at Frito-Lay. After chili powder fell on a regular bag of Cheetos. He took the bag home and made his own seasoning mix based on the "elote." A Mexican street food that combines corn with lime juice, salt, chili powder, mayonnaise, and cotija cheese. After his co-workers raved about the new Cheeto flavoring that news reached the president at Frito-Lay. Eventually, he rose to the top and is now an executive vice-president of multicultural sales at PepsiCo. The MT hosts praise how sometimes great things come from accidents, and I couldn't agree more.

On this week's episode they introduced two guest; Atlanta radio personality K. Samone and fitness trainer Ricardo. The first topic they covered was on the recent arrest and imprisonment of rapper ASAP Rocky. The rapper was walking the streets after a performance at a festival in Stockholm, Sweden. According to sources two men followed him and his entourage. Subsequently, a fight ensued and he was arrested for protecting himself from his assailants. He has been in jail for two weeks and since then many celebrities have petitioned for his freedom, such as Snoop Dogg, Machine Gun Kelly, and Billie Eilish. Most notably, Kim K and Kanye West lobbied President Donald Trump for Rocky to be set free. He could face charges of aggravated assault and attacking with malicious intent. Ciarra makes the comment that this level of scrutiny is "extreme" and demonstrates that all black people are troublemakers no matter where they go. The MT hosts are shocked at the idea of the deplorable conditions they have heard Rocky is being succumb to. Rumors are the prison is like that of a "concentration camp," and Ricardo even says he is limited to only one hour outside a day. Justin says he could of walked away from the fight and just "defused" the situation. I agreed with K. Samone completely when she says that you need to know the consequences of your actions in other countries. In other words, its better to be safe than sorry and I don't think the rapper's situation could get any sorrier. K. Samone continues as she states on how Rocky made comments on not supporting the cause in Ferguson, because he lives in Beverly Hills now. Basically, a big fuck you to not only the community of Harlem in which he was raised, but to black people as well. K gives us a little Rhett Butler "frankly dear I don't give a damn" moment. When she says frankly how his situation doesn't pertain to her cause she's an "American." Point blank, the MT hosts push the importance of not forgetting where you come from. That no matter how rich you are that you will never change the color of your skin. Rocky turned his back on his own when it was important. Now does he expect them to support him? Ignorance only begets Ignorance. Thus, I think K said it best "you meet the same people coming up coming down." Sadly, Rocky turned his back on his community. His only hope now is that they don't do it in return.

The second topic MT discussed was the cancellation of Netflix series “She's Gotta Have It”, a Spike Lee joint about the character Nola Darling; a free spirited black female artist living in Harlem. Apparently, viewership lowered for the shows second season. K. Samone humorously states how she couldn't get past the movie to watch the show. Though they all proclaim how great Lee's movies are with the exception of Justin; who has never seen one. Which is a shock to the rest of the MT hosts. So they explain how Lee's films still remain relevant to the black community; such movies as Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X, and Crooklyn. Justin even finds out that Monte Ross, one of his and K Simone's Professors at ODU; Co-produced Malcolm X. She and Ciarra go in on the brilliance of the film Crooklyn and Lee's most recent Oscar win with Blackk Klansman. The hosts conclusion was that though She's Gotta Have It was cancelled, it doesn't hinder the timeless legacy that Spike Lee has created over the years in this industry.

Their last topic was on the sexual assault case against actor Kevin Spacey. The case focuses on the 18 year old that came out and said that Spacey had groped him in a bar. Apparently, he lost his phone, which had all the incriminating texts from the occurrence. In real MT fashion, they joke about why the young man didn't call up his phone company for his bill log. They are even more perplexed on why he would plead his 5th amendment rights on the stand. Ricardo believes it was a ploy to seek money. Spacey's case was dropped due to lack of evidence. In relative news, Ciarra then drops the bomb that Bill Cosby's case had been dropped as well. A statement that sends the MT hosts into a full on discussion on his accusers and the lengths they went to ruin the reputation of this once beloved TV father. After much deliberation, the hosts decide that the 18 year old's situation to them was not plausible. When factors of age come into play the lines are a little blurred. One thing is for sure. Assault is assault not matter which way you flip it. Though the case on Spacey may be dismissed, his reputation is forever tainted by this incident.

As Justin and Ciarra came to a close to this episode, they let K. Samone talk about how she became a radio personality. Kash or better known as K. Samone and she moved to the ATL a year and a half ago is a personality in herself. She tells us the long story on her journey to Atlanta and the radio. She originally grew up partly in Newport News, Virginia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her passion for radio started at the early age of 14. When she was 16 she worked for Channel 47 Public School TV in Newport News. There she worked as a side line reporter and earned credit and got paid each day. She use to do interviews at high school and college sporting events. When she attended Delaware State College, she had four radio shows as a freshman. She had shows everyday, so Justin asks when she had time for class. She explains how most of her classes were night classes, and how she gained help from a lot of her friends to make it through. K. Samone then transferred to ODU, where not only did her and Justin have an acting class together but she had even more success as a radio personality. After she graduated and moved to Pennsylvania with her dad, the opportunities kept coming in.Through her drive to open doors for herself in the industry, she eventually started working for Hot 107.9 in Philly. She took the chance and transferred to their Atlanta location. K. Samone has also acted on a couple reality TV shows and even acted as an extra for the Fox series STAR. Her and Justin even discussed the pros and cons of being an extra from wearing the same clothes, complainers, and the craft service vultures. K. Samone's next projects are several interviews of celebrities for Radio One Digital. Clearly, K. Samone is a force to be reckoned with, with so much under her belt. A millennial worth her weight in gold.

Finally, their quiet guest Ricardo introduces himself. He is from Brooklyn, New York. A returning guest from Season 1 of Millennial Talk. Ricardo is a professional trainer, fitness instructor, and recently a cycle/ spin class instructor. Justin praised and thanked him for being a model for the MT clothing line photo-shoot.

Ricardo, K. Samone, Ciarra, and even listeners got a surprise peak of Justin's Megatron Remix Challenge.

Just a little slight and a little reminder. Stay humble and true to yourself,

"because not all of us come from Beverly Hill or Soho."

THOSE DAMN MILLENNIALS..see you next time.

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