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Updated: Jul 20, 2019

If you didn’t catch the latest episode of Millennial Talk:

A Grande Starbucks coffee has 320 milligrams of caffeine, that's more than the amount in a can of Red Bull. A fact stated at the beginning of this weeks episode of MT. I guess that's why my Iced Caramel macchiatos have me basically soaring at work. Nevertheless, Justin and Ciarra introduce us to their Guest Host Antoine "Thax" Thaxton; a full time worker and graphic designer by trade. He has a clothing brand and his a returning guest from last season.

Their first topic was the controversy surrounding song lyrics from Chris Brown's new album; Indigo. Apparently, in the song Brown states he "only wants black bitches with good hair." A statement that Ciarra tells us has been twisted and heavily talked by "Black" Twitter users online. Though, the hosts agree that music is something that for it's listeners to interpret. Brown's opinion is called into question when Justin asks,

"What is considered good hair?"

A touchy topic among African American people is the physical comparison of the textures of black women's hair to the conceptual ideal of western beauty. Ciarra makes a valid point when she talks about how Brown's lyrics are bringing forth the issue of Colorism in America. He may be creating another barrier with in the black community. Thax's comparison of the lyrics to the Brown Paper Bag Test is weighted and powerful. An indication that "good" hair does not equate to the social implications that Brown failed to acknowledge. Though, the hosts don't agree with the song's discriminatory lyrics. They admit that it references something very "surface level," and every one has a preference. Chris Brown's seemingly is often lighter complexioned and/or exotic looking woman. I say to each his or her own. Our hosts say his past has already been rough and that people should quote, "Let him live." They go on to discuss his bad reputation; his altercations with Rihanna and other musicians. Ciarra and Justin have a difference of opinion on if Chris Brown is the Micheal Jackson of our generation. Personally, I'm unsure if anyone can reach such grand notoriety. Although, the hosts leave us with these inquires. Can Brown get out of the limelight of his childhood and finally become the man he needs to be? Or is he always going to end up being public enemy #1?

Justin said it best, "it's up to us to buy the record or not."

The Second issue the hosts of MT discussed was the recent casting of the upcoming live action version of an animated Disney classic; The Little Mermaid. Hailey Bailey, an African American singer, song-writer, and actress was cast in the pivotal role of Ariel. She stars in the television show Grownish and is half of a contemporary R&B duo with her sister Halle. The casting of a "beautiful black queen" as the mermaid has drawn backlash from haters and neighsayers all over the internet. They can't seem to fathom why a black woman would play a character previously depicted as a fair skinned natural red head. Well, luckily MT doesn't down play anything and shuts down all the BS. Thax lays it all out on the fact that mermaids don't even exist. There is and never will be a clear and real life representation of this mythical creature. It will only be the representation that the media creates for us. Thus, when Ciarra states how now we finally have a black representation in mainstream media. I wholeheartedly agree. In addition, the hosts remind us that the ONLY important aspect of this role is the need for an actress to be able to sing and act effortlessly. A guarantee for the musically gifted Bailey, who was signed by the Queen B herself; Beyonce. The hosts go on to chat about their opinions on who should play the roles of Ariel's Father and Ursula in the film. Some celebrities mentioned were: Queen Latifah, Idris Alba, and Dijmon Hounson. They talk about the representation of minorities in recent Disney adaptations; from Aladdin, Lion King, and Mulan. The new Lion King even received backlash over it's casting of an all black cast. Instead of focusing on the advances in minority presence in Hollywood. People would rather have their ideals of these characters and worry about the color of their skin or hair. MT exclaims let's move forward, and let white American Hollywood know this is a W and not an L for us.

After, all the in depth conversation on their topics on this episode they moved on to letting us know a little more about our Guest Host; Thax. Thax is also know as, Mr. Thax I Got You, because his positive energy and zeal for pushing others to achieve success. He started creating his brand Face Guard Clothing in 2012, but launched in 2015 for dream chasers fighting against everything. His brand motto is "Guard your face, guard your dreams." His sole goal is to breed positivity. Thax started doing graphic design in the 10th and/or 11th grade. He attended the HBCU, Benedict College located in Columbia, SC. Thax tells us how his relationship with his teachers in high school and college guided and molded him into the designer he is today. When asked about his process of branding and creating something to put out into the world. Thax says it takes time to perfect it. He says being an entrepreneur is 24/7. After showing Justin and Ciarra some of his old and more recent pieces, he says a quote from the late and great Nipsey Hussle.

"It's not a sprint,it's a marathon."

Enlightening words from this pragmatic businessman on growing a brand. In his spare time, he mostly spends time with his wife and niece. Before he left the show, he encourages millennials to work together and find something you enjoy rather than a job you hate. He agrees with Justin,

"Can't be a boss, if you got a boss."

Lastly, Justin and Ciarra introduced the second guest of the show; Taj Zacharaias. A 20 year old, born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia. He works as an Electrician and is CFO of a media company. Identity Production Studio focuses on commercials, short films, and promotional videos. He wants his company to make an meaningful impact. A notion that he takes in his daily life, as he "maximizes every second of his day." Taj says that he doesn't have spare time, instead he splits his time into his own categories of "Productive" and "Unproductive" time. Justin and Taj chat about their shared experience of being a 5k runner. Even while staying active, he says he likes "being productive before everyone else is awake."Surprisingly, Taj thinks of himself as the "most uncreative individual." instead, he relies solely on his two partners in his company to get the creative juices flowing. Although, "uncreative" and a little too young to technically be considered a millennial.The MT hosts believe he still embodies all that a millennial is. He is dedicated and driven to set the pace for change and awareness in the world. He truly personifies his favorite quote, "be a man of character that stands on his values."

To honor the recent passing of the 20 year old actor; Cameron Boyce. Our hosts payed homage to him, who sadly passed away from a epileptic seizure in his sleep last week.

"See you later."

Never goodbye.

THOSE DAMN MILLENNIALS...see you next time.

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