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The After Party

“After the show it’s the after party,” 

And nothing is better than a cast party

I tell myself tonight is not the night to get fucked up. Not like last time.

At least I tell myself that anyway.

Because everything about this night is perfect.

My best friends are twerking on each other 

On the makeshift dance floor.

My mans and I are vibing 

And the laughs are endless 

What a great show

A great audience.

Opening night was a success 

So why not let myself get a little lit

I mean celebrations are in order.

Aren’t they?

I tell myself a turn up is well deserved.

So I grab him and sashay my way 

Towards my friends 

The night is young

And so are we

So we dance 

Dance till sweat is pooling on our foreheads

Dance till our hearts are pounding to the rhythm of the music 

We dance until the night fades into dusk 

A tiny sliver of daylight creeps through 

And the curtain on a great night drops 

Time flies when you're having fun

Even more, when your dancing the night away

So we say our goodbyes, but after that workout 

The only option now is IHOP. 

Now that’s where the real after party starts.

Sincerely yours, 

Just Another Millennial

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