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Tonight is the night. After months of rehearsals,

 I’m finally debuting all the hard work

Blood, sweat, and tears

I put into this role. 

My palms are drenched 

In nervousness

I even feel a little

Trickle down the side of my face

I take a peek through the curtain

My two best friends are in the third row

Bae is in the second to last. 

When I auditioned,

This moment might of ran through my mind

But it never felt more real

More important.

I’ve made it.

There is no-one

More talented

More beautiful 

More one of a kind

Just me and the stage.

Nothing and no-one else matters.

So I take my cue.

A deep breath 

And step into the spotlight:


I am the shit, I’m THAT bitch 

These other bitches got nothing on me. 

Sincerely yours, 

Just Another Millennial 

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