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Plenty of Fish

Being a young woman in a new place is... 


It’s like men can smell that I’m new meat

Circling around me like a shark in open waters. 

Thus, I’ve learned the club is no place to find your soulmate.

 I mean you might be the lucky 1% who do, but the other 99% of us get the chumps.

You give a guy your number 

And then you end playing phone tag

For about a couple of weeks. 

One word texts that lead to nowhere.

A connection drowned out. 

I’ve even tried on-line dating.


Something about meeting

And maybe getting murdered..or catfished 

Maybe a bit of both 

Makes me a little uneasy

So I reel it in, carefully place my bait 

 and just keep swiping right, 

Until I find Mr. Right

In the sea of Mr. Wrongs.

Sincerely yours,

Just Another Millennial

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