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Millennial Talkʼs own Media Coordinator, Jade Crosby, is proud to present her new Millennial Talk Exclusive Podcast, “Jaded & Motivated.”

“Jaded & Motivated” is a lifestyle- based podcast on personal growth, lifestyle design, and creativity. It shares weekly inspiration on how to live your best life and manifest your dreams catering to the Millennial and Generation Z market.

Starting August 19th, get ready to hear this motivational podcast every Monday. Some guests that are being featured in Season 1 are Jordan Powell, co-host of “WOC Makinʼ Big Podcast,” Jen Ruiz creator of the blog, “Jen on a Jet Plane,” and many more!

Jade is really like no other. Not only is she an actress, singer, and host, she is the epitome of a positive change-maker. She has worked with The Humane League by advocating humane treatment for farm animals, and has spoken at many events advocating womenʼs rights and empowerment. Jade is creating positive change through creativity and we are honored to have her podcast stream through MT.

This comes as no surprise due to Jadeʼs love and passion for motivating and helping others in any capacity. Jadeʼs care and relatability is genuinely portrayed in this powerful podcast. Make sure you listen August 19th and follow the podcastʼs instagram page, @JadedandMotivated.

This Podcast will join other new content announced last month exclusively for

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