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The Millennial Rundown

If you didn’t catch the latest episode of Millennial Talk:

Did you know that a longer first name equates to gaining a lesser salary?

If you didn’t before, the hosts of Millennial Talk broke the news Wednesday. The melodic hum of mimosa tinged laughter echoes to the audience. A great opening to their first episode of their Season 2 return. The topics were the mysterious American deaths in the Dominican Republic, millennial in music, toxic friendships, and so much more. The hosts Justin and Ciarra introduced their guest and co-host for this week's episode; Chris. An entrepreneur, actor, brand owner, and YouTube star in the making from Mississippi. His southern twang and laid back demeanor blended well with the other two hosts personalities in absolute perfection. Their excitement for their new season is prevalent in the light and air of their voices. They are in their element. Justin and Ciarra detail their adventures over the short hiatus of the show, which consisted of hosting several events. You can check one of their events on their B-Sides: Creative Canvas episode. In which, they hosted an event where young artists in Atlanta, Georgia showcased their artworks. They reel over even being attending to the ATL Homicide Season 2 premiere. Justin then takes the chance to describe the new Millennial Talk website and all it offers, from Millennial merch, reads, and even access to podcast episodes.

Their first topic was millennials in music. Millennials are killing the game. The host's rant about how millennials create opportunities for themselves. For example, Suede the Remix God on YouTube, manufacturers these perfectly crafted mashup songs; Green Beans (thanksgiving song). Justin then goes on to talk about his roommate’s brand entitled Happy Campers. The group continues on a rant about branding your own brand. They encourage the millennial of today not to conform to the norms of the world. Justin states,

“don’t drive down the lane, create your own.” A statement that calls their audience to think outside the box. Ciarra uses the example of the rap artist Da Baby, who once dressed in diapers as a stunt and play on his namesake. The action might of been outrageous, but the group highlights the positives. He capitalized on his difference and remained perfectly unique. The co-host Chris makes a comment on wanting to use the fact that he has Tourettes in his career in the future.

Unbeknownst to me and their co-host, the Millennial Talk hosts reveal that a significant number of americans are dying from mysterious causes in the Dominican Republic. Apparently, there is a media frenzy as reporters investigate the causes. The hosts dish out their opinions on the matter. They question why similar tragedies in Canada and France are being ignored. The topic becomes heavy, but the MT team has a way of making their audience laugh. Vacationing in the DR is a definite no-go for them.

A new guest is introduced; Elijah Motley. He moved to Chicago to dance professionally and works as Barista at Starbucks. Elijah is a freelance dancer who graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. Justin and Elijah talked among themselves for a short while, on their shared experiences in acting in an installation play together in college. Elijah surprisingly began as an Engineer major and switched to Dance in his freshman year. He is a very talented dancer in ballet, contemporary, and hip hop. Elijah was offered a position at the the current Dance Studio he dances in just 5 days after his graduation.

When asked the question how do you millennial, he replies,

“I try to convince people about climate change and the greater whole.”

Justin and Ciarra then opened the floor and let the audience get more acquainted with Chris. He confidently demonstrates how he represents the “multifaceted millennial.” He came to the ATL with a dream dedicated to owning his own acting and producing company. Working 9-5 and check to check was not enough for this go-getter. He was homeless and living couch to couch for a time. A sad reality for many millennials in the world today. Yet, he vowed that “if I made at least 6 figures I would quit my job.” Now he owns a successful online boutique for mink 3D lashes and 100% human weaves/wigs. In addition, he has background work in a couple of well-known movies and television shows; Star (Fox) and The Get Down. The moral of his story was, that his struggles and obstacles tried to press him down, but all they did was lift him up to a higher plane of success.

As the episode, came to a close the hosts recalled how toxic friendships and fallout helped shape the show and them into what they are today. Millennial Talk is thriving, because two very different people strove for the greatness in each other and themselves. Thus, the ultimate duo was created.

Chris said it best,

“Follow leaders not followers. Who don’t try to lead, but do so because they have something within them that causes them to naturally be followed.”

The perfect end and start of a new season.

THOSE DAMN MILLENNIALS...see you next time.

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