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The sun peeps through the curtains of my lashes

waking me from a dreamless sleep.

I open them and try to focus

as the glare of morning fades

There he is. His shoulder blades

Moving with each steady breath

Suddenly, he flips over.

I panic.

flashes of last nights sex-capades

flush over me, I shut my eyes to them

foolishly putting on the guise of sleep

Good morning, he whispers.

continuing the ruse,

I yawn and smile coyly.

of course, I am an actress in all elements

What a good morning it truly is.

We lie there for a while

in a cloud of morning breath and pillowtalk

a few careless whispers

mingled in kisses

after a while,

I finally look in the mirror

a smile plastered on my face

what a hell of a night.

and the morning after

is blanketed in carnal bliss

and the sizzling aroma

of bacon drifting through the air,

I take another look at myself

my aura is blinding.

I wonder if he could see it

as I get refreshed

I giggle gingerly

Taking in a deep breath

I try not to grin from ear to ear

Act calm,

don't let him see

your euphoria

even if your

iridescence is celestial

because the brightest stars burn out the fastest

and he doesn’t even realize he has the match.

to relight your fire

Sincerely yours,

Just Another Millennial

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